All tattoos and cosmetic tattoos require a deposit in order to secure your appointment and allow the artist to begin artwork. Your deposit will be used on your last tattoo appointment/completion of your tattoo/cosmetic tattoo, and all you will need to pay is the remainder that day. The amount of your deposit will vary based on the estimated sitting time of your piece.

As commissioned artists, we rely on our scheduled appointments for our income; the deposit acts as insurance to confirm your commitment to the piece, as well as insuring our time is well spent.

Please be on time for your appointment as Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio requires 48 hours notice prior to any rebooking or cancellation.  If no proper notice is given in the event of being late, a cancellation, you are intoxicated, or you do not show up for a scheduled appointment, you will forfeit your deposit and time slot(s). It will be used to accommodate for the artist’s time and set up. To rebook a new appointment, a new deposit will be required.

Deposits cannot be transferred from one client to another. Total change of design requires a separate deposit and consultation.

Deposits are non-refundable.


When you come in for a complementary consultation, we can determine the pricing of the tattoo depending on the size, placement, intricacy, and time it will take.