Our highly qualified cosmetic tattooer, Jen, offers Microblading, additional touch-ups, yearly touch-ups, lash fills, top liner, top and bottom liner, freckles, and beauty marks! Her rates are listed below. In depth, Microblading is $400; this includes your complementary consultation, first 2 hour session, as well as your first 1 hour touch-up. Deposits are non-refundable including for missed appointments and/or cancellations under 48 hours. If this sounds good, call the shop at 604-917-0262 to book.


What Is Microblading?

This form is designed to give information needed to make an informed choice of whether or not to undergo a semi-permanent brow make-up application. Although Microblading is effective in most cases, no guarantee can be made that a specific client will benefit from the procedure. Microblading is the art of creating hair strokes by hand for a natural looking fuller brow. Microblading is the process of inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin and is a form of tattooing. All instruments that enter the skin or come in contact with body fluids are disposable and disposed of after use. Cross contamination guidelines are strictly adhered to. Generally, the results are excellent. However, a perfect result is not a realistic expectation. Every client is different as to how long they will last and how much pigment stays. Different skin types hold pigment differently. Oily tends to hold less and normal to dry skin holds better longer.


Permanent make-up isn’t permanent because the pigment she uses is iron-based, as in the mineral iron, so your body will absorb it as such over 1-3 years on average. The pigments she uses are from Biotouch Canada. The top three reasons to not use permanent ink are:

1) The colour will change drastically over -time (ex. orange, green, blue).

2) Tattoos spread slowly over time, so the edges will blur a bit and widen.

3) Gravity. As we age, our skin tends to lower, so refreshing the brows every couple years is a great way to lift the eye without anything major.


Many clients say the pain is on par with threading or waxing. After, it will be minimal, if at all. She uses numbing cream, another product to combat bleeding, swelling, and redness, and a very fine blade to keep pain to a minimum as well as mimic hair.


Before Your Procedure

If your brows have been done before, Jen requires a consult. If your brows were done with tattoo ink, you may need laser removal before getting microbladed brows.


She books two hours for the appointment and would like your permission to use these photos for advertising in portfolios, online, print ads, etc. Your consent is necessary regarding this.


If you are over the age of 18 and want to feel gorgeous every day, great!


Cosmetic Tattoos Are Not Recommended If:

You are pregnant or breastfeeding. Similar to traditional tattooing, there haven’t been enough studies to know if the pigment will transfer to your bloodstream or milk supply. It is not recommended to those who are/have/take: blood thinners, diabetic, chemotherapy (consult your doctor), viral infections, diseases, epilepsy, pacemakers, major heart problems, organ transplants, skin irritations/psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.), sick (cold, flu, etc.), sunburns, heavy drinking the night before, Botox/laser treatments/fillers in the past 2 weeks, or accutane within the past year, or else you risk scarring and it can greatly affect how it heals.


During Your Procedure

She’ll cleanse the brow area then apply the topical numbing which is Zensa. It contains 5% lidocaine. It has to sit for 15 minutes. During that time she’ll discuss what to expect during your visit, aftercare, and decide on a colour together by swatching pigments on your hand.


After that, she’ll cleanse the area with isopropyl alcohol to make sure it’s sterile and no oils are on the skin. Then she’ll sanitize a brow pencil, draw on the brows and you’ll decide on the shape, size, and angles together. Once it has been balanced and decided, she’ll outline with a liquid pen liner and begin. The process is on average 45-60 minutes. She uses sterile single use blades that she opens in front of you. It is yours and yours only. Everything else is disposable. Near the end, she will have you sit up and you’ll both check for balance to make sure you both agree and make adjustments if needed.


After Your Procedure

Once you are both happy with the outcome, she will give you a copy of aftercare instructions and briefly go over it.

It is usual to expect a touch-up after healing 100% which takes about 4-6 weeks, so we will book your touch-up for after that. The touch-up will truly refine the brows so they will look stunning.


The healing time is approximately 5-7 days with full results within 30 days. The colour will appear more vibrant, darker, uneven, or sometimes disappear compared to the end result. Usually within 2-7 days, the darkness will fade 30-50%, so you will have a soft, natural looking brow. Once swelling dissipates, unevenness disappears.


For some people, it is normal to have peeling, scabbing, and flakiness which can sometimes come off and have little to no pigment or may look milky. Skin takes 30 days to regenerate, so the scabs may be off, but the skin needs to fully heal, and it will push the colour up over a few weeks.


This all can be addressed during your touch-up. The pigment will fade over time and will likely need to additionally be touched-up within 6 months to 2 years. Yearly/more than one touch-up may be recommended/required depending on your age, skin, medications, sun exposure, iron, lifestyle, and products used to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. She offers yearly for a discounted rate to existing clients. Future touch-ups will cost the current touch-up rate at the time you had it done. If most hair strokes fade, the entire procedure will need to be repeated. A consultation may be needed to determine.




These are my instructions for aftercare, if I choose not to follow them, Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio is not responsible for any healing complications.


The Do’s

To ensure the longevity of it, she recommends a healthy lifestyle, good skin care, iron supplements, and sunscreen.


All you’ll need is a pea size amount of Vaseline/ointment with freshly washed hands or a Q-tip for 7 days minimum. If it is summer time, you’ll also need sunglasses and hats. Keep out of the sun for 7 days. Once the initial scabs and flakes come off, use sunscreen to aid in longevity and protect from fading quickly.


At night, you may wash your face. You may also apply a thicker layer of Vaseline before you shower or work out to protect your brows. You may get your face wet, but don’t spray water directly on your face to prevent moisture from ruining saturation. Use dry tissue to gently blot excess Vaseline, and during the day, you may apply a thin layer of Vaseline.


If you will not shower in morning, splash warm water and apply a thin layer of Vaseline. When flakes and scabs appear, dab gently. Keep dry all day and night. This ensures the formation of thin scabs thus more colour retention.


Use ice pack for swelling and/or bruising. Use Vaseline for flaking, itching, scabbing, and/or tightness.


Once healed, you can go back to your regular cleansing and make-up routine. Use sunscreen to protect from fading.


The Don’ts

Don’t touch with dirty hands! Don’t apply soap, facial serums, cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliating products, clarosonic, makeup, etc. on the brows until healed. Failure to do so may result in infections, pigment loss, or discolouration.


Don’t pick, pull off, scratch, scrub, or rub the crust or scabs for the first week, or else you risk losing pigment and scarring; let them flake naturally. Don’t use Retin-A and/or Glycolic Acids during and/or after healing!


No swimming, saunas, hot tubs, tanning, tanning beds, dying, tinting, tweezing, waxing, threading, or putting your face under water for at least 2 weeks.


CAUTION: If skin around the brows experience a rash and/or small pimples, this is usually a reaction to the numbing solution and should go away in 2 weeks. Don’t pick! If this occurs, call the shop so we can make note and follow up to ensure this is not a more serious situation.



Exciting new!  Jen now offers a referral program for all her clients! If you have had your permanent make-up done by her and you give a friend a card with your name on it, you will receive $25 dollars off your annual touch-up! Also, every friend you refer after you will get an additional $10 off until your annual touch-up is FREE ($200 value)!!!


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!!!



Microblading: $400 (first touch-up included 4-6 weeks later)

Additional Touch-Ups: $100

Yearly Touch-Ups: $200

Lash Fill: $250

Liner Top: $300

Liner Top and Bottom: $400

Freckles: $100

Beauty Mark: $50


Please note that shop rates do not include taxes and gratuity.